Project's information:

Top Slide
Technical details:

  • Fabric: carpet (100% needle-punched polypropylene fibers);
  • Application: indoor tennis courts;
  • Color: red, bright red, green, light green, blue, light blue;
  • Lines: 50mm white lines made of membrane Top Slide;
  • Filling: EPDM rubber granules;
  • Classification of surface: Certificate of ITF Category 2 “Medium Slow”.

Top Carpet Slide is a sports surface supplemented EPDM rubber granulate. It consists of 100% polypropylene needled membrane, affixed to a solid surface coated with the base EPDM – rubber granulate. The lines on the court are made of the same material as the surface of the game. The lines are installed before filling EPDM. Surface is extremely strong and durable.

  • Substructure: concrete or asphalt;
  • Glue to attach the membrane to the substructure Top Slide;
  • Top Slide membrane;
  • White lines;
  • Fill a rubber EPDM granules.

Fill a rubber EPDM granules provides adequate slip tennis players and control the game and provide excellent absorption of impact energy, thereby protecting vulnerable to injury joints, knees, shoulders and elbows of players.