Project's information:

Hall coating
Used hall covering is the membrane material at the highest quality on the worldwide market. Used membrane covering, we made as a double layer with air cushion between layers. Double PVC layer is a very good thermal insulator in winter (air void insulates hall against frost penetration) and summer conditions (insulation against sunlight rays limits hall’s heating).
Thanks to the air cushion, hall’s layers are well-tensioned and they do not flutter in the wind.


Lights made of milky membrane transmit light very well. They are installed in the roof and they are led in two strips. They perfectly light the hall. The light is dispersed, it does not dazzle and it evenly illuminate the hall; used lights are available within two strips at the width of2.50 m per hall’s length; auxiliary lighting allows playing without dummy auxiliary light during the day time.


Meta-halogen lamps are asymmetrically arranged, power: 400 W per each, Philips brand projectors;

Furnace at appropriately selected heating power, air heater burned with furnace oil or natural gas;

Open sides systems:
1. screen system: installed in the awning over open sides with top guide; material is led on the rollers and thanks to this it can be moved from one side to the another;
2. roller shade system: electronic sides raising, the system opens and closes one side within 1 minute; this system is maintenance-free;
3. Polycarbonate sides system: Polycarbonate panels that light halls in the movable systems to the sides.



Hall dimensions:
– width from 15.0 to 150.0 m
– length from 20.0 to 40.0 m
– height: 8.0-15.0m

Construction design:
4 copies

Spot footings

Steel or wooden frame structure that is led along the playground with systems of ropes and guys; vertical gable walls.


Realization time: 3 months